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NIÙ AW 21_22 collection was developed in Kenya, the country where our most beautiful projects took shape.

Kenya surrounds us with the emotion of the great Nature and with its changing soul in which local traditions blend with its colonial past and with the countless stories that came from the sea.

This magical way of describing the world through colours is a wonderful source of inspiration for us that shines through in each of the three souls of the collection. We love to think that in the first mood, inspired by the natural world, green is the fertile land, orange is the friendship and hospitality of the Masai people. In the second mood, born from the sensations experienced in Mombasa, blue is the colour of the sky and rain, which in Africa means life, and white is milk, a source of sustenance and energy. Red, the sacred colour in Masai culture, represents courage and strength, mixed with the pink of the hibiscus and with the colours of straw and African sunrise.


“We treat well the land we live on: it was not given to us by our fathers, but it was lent to us by our children.”

Masai proverb

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