• AW 19-20


Travelling is our way of breathing because Niù has a nomadic and curious soul. The AW20 Collection started out in Thailand, our last journey’s destination. In this land, once callde Siam, nature, humanity and spirituality blend in an infinite number of ways.


In Siam we ffind water nuances, delicate shades and expressive blue shades of the traditional Batik fabrics. The spectacular nature that we plunged into lives in the fabric floral patterns: lotus flowes, bamboo leaves and orchids give life to macro and micro patterns with contrast of colours and textures. The fabrics are bright. Smooth velvet, silk and satin enshrine delicate impressions from the East that go back to ancient traditions, The golden thread running through. The smooth materials and flowing lines of kimonos held in at the waist by the obi belt recreate those Thai culture feelings that fascinated us: that wonderful and warm welcome, and  the delicate sense of belonging to the magic of nature, which is never rigid and monotonous but flowing and changing.