• SS 2020

Niù collections tell a short story of the world.
Every time the story is different because Niù has a nomadic and curious soul.
Travelling is our creative dimension as it is also our way of breathing.
Africa is the land of our most beautiful projects and the settings of the encounters that changed our view of the world.

The new collection was born after a trip to Ghana. And from the amazing things that have crossed our way. The ancient tradition of Kente’s texstyles made with small manuals looms by Krobo’s artisans. The black and white decorations of Sirigu’s huts that women paint each year after the rains. The colors and scents of the big spice baskets and Kumasi’s market, the wonderful interection whit Accra’s children in school uniforms, and our cheerful and pop way to depict the wonders of the world.