• SS 2020

Niù SS21 collection takes shape in Rajasthan. A land where everything is colour, and behind every colour, there is a story.

The pink of Jaipur, the indigo blue that dyes the Brahmans houses and the gold, yellow reflexes of the Jaisalmer fort’s stones became the colours of our collection, together with all the other nuances that caught our eyes. There are the lively shades of the saris worn by women: fuchsia, mace, sadhu. The soft and fresh colours of mint, periwinkle and the Indus River’s light blue. The milky white of the Ranakpur Jain Temple, a sacred place for a very ancient cult that gives a soul to animals, plants, insects and water, by practising an ascetic and respectful of all things’ life.

In Rajasthan merchants, caravans still cross their streets, by giving shapes to markets that seem whole different worlds. The craft traditions mixture which occurs in these places represent is a beautiful source of inspiration. The images of brocaded and precious tapestries, of gold and silver jewellery, became part of our imaginary. The collection has soft volumes and collars inspired by kurta, the traditional Indian tunic. The colours of Rajasthan spread in brushstrokes or combine themselves in unique jacquard, by lightly mixing with the cheerful vichy patterns and the matt resin of bijoux.

This is our way of representing the mystical essence which is embodied in every aspect of Rajasthan by always using the light and pop spirit that has always characterised Niù.