Fez is the cultural soul of the Maghreb. Its Medina is a world of colorful alleys, souks, stucco-clad palaces, mosques and Koranic madrasas decorated with zullayj, the glazed earthenware mosaic. We bring into our palette the nuances of Cedar, Ambrosia and Oasis shades blended with the Wheat hues of the stucco decorations. The souk offers the intoxication of exotic flavors and colors, the hues of Turmeric and Dates, the Mint green that perfumes Moroccan tea, the Henna of Berber tattoos, and the Raissa that dyes the traditional fez headdress. The mosaics inspire brightly colored geometric prints, and the inlays and stucco work of the Koranic houses live within our jacquard patterns.